Kind Hearts

Kind Hearts

We really appreciate the hard work and effort all our staff put into their roles.   We also like to recognise those members of the team who go above and beyond on a daily and weekly basis.

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ is acknowledged with staff rotas but we want everyone to know how much we value our team.   If you have a member of staff you would like to thank please email with their name and your reason for nominating.

“Hearts” for February 2018Heart - Complete Care Agency

The “Thank You’s” and “Hearts” for February cover a variety of reasons – help in covering calls and staff sickness, flexibility and commitment, quality of work, reliability and also a number of staff who wanted to give credit to their colleagues for the work done and personal support shown.  Thank You.



Charlyann Bland
Kirsty Whitaker x2
Gabrielle Salat Groves
Helena Petty
April Leckenby
Claudia Cotson
Lynne O’Malley
Rose Asante
Zsuzsanna Antal
Charlotte Keeling
Nicola Asquith